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Participating member organizations have invested in a state-of-the-art community wide economic development infrastructure. This provides a SINGLE network that can host all of the businesses within the community. Members can now be connected to the official Area Search Engine for the community, and the official mobile application while leveraging the significant prospect traffic coming into the organization's network. 

Following the three easy steps (above menu) will drastically improve your LOCAL advertising results through the Area Search Engine, Mobile Applications and through traditional search engines like Google and Bing.

The Official Area Network, Official Mobile App, Official Calendar Network and Official Search Network has been developed by association staff and Chamber of Commerce executives throughout the country for their members. We think your participation will help your business be successful.
To: Chamber Members
From: Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development Program

Dear Member:

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to assisting its membership build their businesses and creating additional opportunities for economic development within our area. In light of this tough economic climate, it’s more important than ever to get involved with our new Area Search Engine. Most of you know the value of “Search” engine results, but in order to accomplish the “results” part of this equation, it is critical that your business be optimized for search.

Typically Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) services are expensive and require consulting and tuning of your existing website. Often this expense is worth the investment and does help many businesses. The search engine optimization service provided through the Chamber is unique and can be done without investment. It simply requires that your business utilize the system available to you now at NO COST. The technology and support is 100% FREE as part of your membership package so guidance is as close as calling: 1-855-233-6362 or visiting

Google® as most of you know is a very successful application that millions use on a daily basis to find what they are looking for. The Chamber of Commerce member directory is a sub-set of local information that many people rely on to get detailed information on member businesses. Can they get meaningful details on your business through Google or the Chamber Directory?

In order to create the most powerful promotion of our members businesses ever, we are extending the power of the member directory by launching a new OFFICIAL SEARCH ENGINE for the community. This new service will be referred to as the “Area Search Engine”, powered by Google® and be promoted through search engines via the Chamber website and automatically through the hundreds of current member TCS websites now live and connected to the member directory. Additionally, once the community learns about the Area Search Engine they will begin to use it to quickly find what they are looking for online. It’s designed to become a very powerful search engine specifically for our community including all of the regions we will be supporting.

We have created a website so that you can learn more about the “media” part of this program by visiting: Let’s get into the specifics of how you can make this new Area Search Engine work for your business. Below is a list of questions you will be asked once you login to the Chamber’s website to begin the optimizing for search. We’ve broken out the questions the system will ask you by how the answer will affect your online advertising system.

Once you have completed this process your business will be ready for successful search engine results through the member directory and the Area Search Engine.

In order to be certain that you will be found and increase your online success, the Chamber has added a button to the website called “Members Search Test”. You will want to go here and enter every word or phrase you think people would enter to find your business. If you find that you are not finding your business the way people might search, then please login to the Chamber website, click on “Manage Website” and choose “Key Words”. From here, simply add the words or phrase you would like to be found by and test again.

Once this stage is finished and the Chamber has reviewed the member optimization reports to be sure all the members are ready, then the Area Search Engine© will be launched and promoted by the Chamber for increased commerce in the area.

How to get started:
Self-service program where you do the optimization yourself:
1.  Go to the Chamber website and click on the MEMBER LOGIN link
2.  Enter your user name and password
3.  If you do not have a user name and password then click on the “Lost Password” link to have it sent to you
4.  If this does not work please contact the Chamber, or call 1-888-EzWay4U and request a user name and password.

What Happens Next?
Once you are optimized you will find that:
1.  Your traffic counts will rise as witnessed on the monthly reports you will receive,
2.  You will have a powerful online advertising ready to expand with your business,
3.   You are optimized for your Chamber's area and improve your National search results.

We are pleased to provide this service at NO COST to our members, but we do ask that you contact the Chamber and order your new service. Once you contact us we will send you an electronic invite into our new system so you can get started right away.


Armen D. Ross, President and CEO