African American Chamber

​SoCal Gas hosts “GLAAACC in the AM”

​Developing Capability Statements and Being Contract Ready

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Chanel Frampton, 323-292-1297
​WHO:  The Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAACC)

WHAT:  “GLAAACC in the Am” will be hosted by SoCal Gas.  The purpose of the GLAAACC in the AM “Developing Capability Statements and Being Contract Ready” is to learn how to develop a winning capability statement. At this workshop participants will also learn how to develop their core competencies and identifying features and benefits. This workshop will also highlight 20 items your company must have in place to become contract-ready and identify the upcoming opportunities and development projects that are available in our communities.

WHEN:   Tuesday, October 30, 2018      *     9:00 am. – 11:00 a.m. 

WHERE:  5120 Goldleaf Circle,  Community Room LA CA 90056

COST: Complimentary admission and parking is discounted.  Breakfast will be served at 9:00am.

WHY:  GLAAACC advocates and promotes the economic growth and development of African American businesses by focusing on the development of business opportunities, business alliances and legislative advocacy.