Crenshaw Chamber Of Commerce
I​n the past few weeks, there have been four food businesses along Crenshaw Blvd that have been burglarized during closed hours. In most of the incidents, the suspects smashed the front or side window to gain access. 
Senior Lead Officer Paul Evleth of LAPD has recommended the following tips to reduce the risk or help catch the suspect in case of a burglary:
​1) Loud Audible Security Alarm with exterior siren or bell. 

2) Interior/Exterior Cameras - Note: Interior Cameras that alert business owner and manager at home can help give a higher priority police response if it is determined that the suspect(s) are still inside the business.

3)Leaving interior lights on or activating them with motion helps with security footage. If the lights are off, the footage is not as clear. 

4) Lock and Secure Safes - the safe should be a commercial grade and secured to the wall and floor.
​5) Cash Drawer should be emptied daily and/or locked at all times.

6) 3M Window Security Film or similar product should be considered as this helps slow down any break-in through a glass window or door. Please refer to the link below for further information on this product.  

*NOTE- Since LAPD cannot endorse a particular product, we recommend that business owners thoroughly research all security products and installers.
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